Eric Revis brings decades of experience on the road and in the studio to the classroom where he offers a range of educational opportunities including master classes, coachings, and lessons for bassists, rhythm sections, or full ensembles. An excellent and engaging speaker, Eric can also provide lecture/Q&A sessions on topics ranging from the fundamentals of double bass playing to life on the road as a working musician. Private lessons are offered in a conservatory or university setting or for individuals. For availability and more information contact Erica Jacobsohn at

Eric’s masterclass offered valuable insights into his experience as a musician, his study methods and into the language of jazz and improvised music. The chance to learn from and interact with Eric was an excellent opportunity for our students to grow and improve their skills. A wonderful experience in our students musical journey!

Joost Patocka, Coordinator masterclass program at Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam

It was an absolute pleasure to have Eric Revis for our Master Class and Concert series! His expertise and authority kept our students engaged and inspired.

Dana Murray, Executive Director, North Omaha Music & Arts

Eric Revis is an exemplary guest artist. He delivers practical and tangible lessons in a straightforward manner and supports his teachings with virtuosic demonstration. Mr. Revis disarms students with humor and candor while inspiring them to make an honest assessment of their artistry. Amazing!

Tina Raymond, Director of Jazz Studies, California State University, Northridge

Eric was one of our favorite lecturers here at Florida State University. He lead several masterclasses and one-on-one lessons. The students had a lot of questions about his playing and career. He was honest and informative…and of course, he played beautifully.

Rodney Jordan, Coordinator of Jazz and Commercial Music at Florida State University